Outcomes of your work

Our application form asks:

Please outline the results/benefits/changes that you expect to achieve as a result of the funding?

This is the most important section of the application, but in our experience many groups have struggled to complete this section satisfactorily, making it difficult for us to fully assess their application.

Being clear about what you are trying to achieve and monitoring how well you are progressing towards your goal are hallmarks of a well-run, effective organisation.  This information will also form the basis of the post-grant monitoring and evaluation process.  Having said that, we also know that not everything that can be measured has value and not everything that has value can be measured!

In our assessment we will take into account the relative size of an organisation in terms of our expectations for this section (i.e. we would expect a more sophisticated approach to outcomes and impact monitoring from a larger charity compared to a small voluntary group).

We need to know:

If relevant we would also be interested to know how the funding will make your organisation more robust and likely to continue to offer activities in the future.

If, after reading this section, you have any queries on the outcomes of your proposed project, contact the grants team for more advice on 01749 344949 or by email: .

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