3 June 2020

Message from Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset

Message from Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset


One of the best things about being Lord-Lieutenant is being involved with our community foundations and, through them, with our charities, both large and small, 

 width=and the people who work with them many of whom are volunteers. It has been a constant learning curve and an uplifting reminder of the power of individuals who with great compassion and ingenuity, make crucial contributions to community life continuously.

At the moment, through this crisis, all of these initiatives become even more indispensable but, also, more stretched and vulnerable to lack of financial support. I am so pleased, therefore, that the community foundation is able to contribute and to mitigate this difficulty somewhat. 

I know how hard people are working, often voluntarily, and how this often requires risk taking and a disregard for some personal safety and well-being. This is done with boundless generosity and self sacrifice so that those being cared for or helped, do not lose out.  How can one thank these charities and those who work within them, adequately, for this undertaking?

I have, myself, been asked by my doctor to continue shielding for another month at least because of my own health. This gives me some insight into the isolation and loneliness which some people in our towns and villages are experiencing. But this is just one of the problems which is besetting our communities at the moment. It is, though, one which I know about from first hand experience. 

My thanks to those who are assisting vulnerable people who are living alone is extended to all the other activities which are making life across the county run smoothly for so many of us, at the moment. 

A message of this sort is hardly worthy of this gratitude but it is, nonetheless, very sincere.  It is sent on behalf of us all, the people of Somerset. In addition, it also comes from Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family because I represent them in our county.

Thank you all so very much.





Annie Maw