CCS Village Agents helping to keep Somerset residents warm this winter thanks to a grant from SCF

The Community Council for Somerset  (CCS) received a grant of £500 from Somerset Community Foundation as part of a cold weather planning project in late 2015, and spent the money on warm throws and blankets for their clients. 55 throws were purchased and distributed among the Village Agents  working throughout Somerset, who then gave them out to older people who were in need of help stay warm. The feedback we have received from the CCS show the great positive impact of something like a warm blanket, although it may seem a like a small gesture, can have on those who suffer during the cold weather of winter.

The following quotes from recipients of the throws show how the scheme has helped them stay warm this winter:

“Thank you so much for the wonderfully warm & snugly blanket. It's just perfect for staying up a bit later in the evenings & watching a bit of T.V as oppose to going to bed early to keep warm”.

“That’s just what I need.  I can’t have heavy bedclothes because of my arthritis but this is just right.  Thank you”

“That is wonderful. Just what I need. I have  a draught coming through my cottage back door and I can now wrap my legs and feet and keep warm”

Feedback from the Village Agents themselves provides insight into the important work they carry out in Somerset communities to ensure that isolated and lonely older residents are kept warm and well during the winter, and the remarkable impact of a simple blanket on someone’s wellbeing:

“She was completely overwhelmed and burst in tears but it was good to finally engage with her and I have high hopes for helping this lady now in the new year.  The blanket was just what was needed and I very much doubt she has been given a gift in years.”

“To be able to visit with something positive to give at this time of year was a brilliant way of building up a trusting relationship with a lovely but vulnerable person.”


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