Somerset Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund

Grants of up to £10,000 to help local charities and community organisations assist our county’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


Our Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund has been awarding grants for three months. During that time 150 groups have received a total of £400,000.

These grants have paid for emergency responses, supporting the most vulnerable people in Somerset.

We will continue to award grants for emergency responses throughout June 2020. But we will only award grants to charities and community groups that can fill gaps left in the county’s coronavirus response. We have published a list and map of every grant we have awarded. You will need to explain why your community needs your emergency response now. For instance, you might work in a town or village that has yet to receive a grant. Or perhaps you work with a specific group of people that are not getting the support they need. Apply below if you can show this. We do not expect to award emergency response grants over £5,000 at this point.

Note that if you have already received a coronavirus grant from us then you can request a top up. To do this please email us with an update. Tell us what you have done so far, what difference you think it has made, and why you need a top-up. In most cases we would not expect your total funding to exceed £5,000.

During June 2020 we will plan the next phase of the Fund. We may still fund emergency responses similar to those we have supported so far. But we are also starting to think about the next 6 to 12 months.

We expect to start funding your:

(1) projects, if they can continue to support the most vulnerable people over the coming year. This may include new projects that began during the coronavirus outbreak. It may also include existing projects that you put on hold due to the outbreak.

(2) organisations, so that you can keep running your coronavirus projects. This may include grants to replace income lost from other sources. It may also include making changes to the way your organisation runs. Unlike funding for a project, these will be ‘core’ grants for your group itself.

So, if you are looking for longer-term funding or core funding, then do not apply yet.

Our maximum grants during the next phase will be £10,000. If you are seeking a larger grant, then you may wish to consider applying to the National Lottery Community Fund.

We will update this page in the next few weeks.

Please note that we continue to run a reduced service. If you do have any questions, then please get in touch with us, but be aware that it may take longer than normal to receive a response. We can be reached on or, if that isn’t possible, 01749 344949.


The coronavirus outbreak is affecting everyone in Somerset. People are struggling, but they are also finding ways to support others.

Our local charities and community organisations have a crucial role to play in responding to the crisis.

This Fund will support their response during the coming months.

It brings together donations from our own Somerset Coronavirus Appeal and those from the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal.

What do we want to fund?

We are currently supporting work that directly responds to the needs that have arisen because of the coronavirus outbreak. You can see a map and list of grants we have awarded here.

This includes:

You may also be able to apply for funding and support from other funders and organisations. We have some information on our website here, and you can also find helpful information on the Spark Somerset website here.

Who can apply?

The Fund is open to local charities, community organisations, social enterprises and parish or town councils in Somerset.

Please note we do not cover North Somerset or Bath & North East Somerset. If you are based in those areas then please contact Quartet Community Foundation.

We expect applicants to have:

If your group does not have these in place, then please contact us first before applying.

We will accept applications from new groups that have been set up specifically to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. If you have set up a new group, then you must have:

We will normally cap initial grants to new groups that have been set up to respond to the coronavirus outbreak at £1,000.

Who can’t apply?

We cannot support individuals directly. We also cannot award grants to organisations so that they can in turn make financial contributions to individuals or another organisation.

We will not support:

Our priority is to support local organisations based in our county. We may consider requests from larger organisations, but please contact us first before applying.

How much is available?

We are actively raising money for the Somerset Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund through the Somerset Coronavirus Appeal. As more money becomes available more grants will be made.

You can apply for anything between £250 and £10,000.

We expect the average grant to be around £2,500.

If you apply for more than £5,000 we may contact you to discuss your application in more detail. That conversation may be recorded and form part of our formal assessment.

We may award a small number of grants for more than £10,000. This will only happen for work taking place over a large area or reaching significant numbers of vulnerable people.

How long are grants for?

Grants are currently being awarded so local charities and community organisations can respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

We anticipate that the needs within our communities will change rapidly. Therefore, we expect our grants to be spent within three months. You will be able to apply for more as circumstances change.

We hope that we will also be able to support local charities and community organisations to recover, following the coronavirus outbreak. However, we cannot consider such requests at this time while we focus on our immediate response.

How do I make an application?

Applications must be made via an online application form, which can be accessed using the link below.

The form allows you to save draft versions of your application and return to it later (via an email link sent to your inbox).

The form requires you to complete a short series of questions about your group and your work. You will be asked to provide:

If you are unable to provide any of these documents at this time, then please contact us.

Applications will be considered once a week and, if you are successful, we expect to pay grants within three days.

We expect to make awards around the whole of Somerset. This means we will also consider the location of all the organisations that have applied to us so we can avoid duplication.

We therefore strongly advise you to talk to other groups that are local to you who might apply and think about how you can coordinate your work.

Finally, your application may be for an important project in your local community, but we may simply not have enough money available to award you a grant. If your application is turned down, we will tell you why it was unsuccessful, but there is no right of appeal.

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