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This page contains all the information you need to apply to this fund. At the bottom of the page is a link to an application form. All the questions from the application form can also be downloaded as a word document.

The current round closes to applications on Friday 5 January 2024.


We’ve created our Main Grants so local groups can provide the extra support that some people need in our community.

That means you can ask us for money from our Main Grants if you work or volunteer for a group that supports:

Whatever you ask us for, it must provide targeted support to people who face bigger challenges than most, so that they have:

If you are seeking funding for more general community benefit, The Somerset Fund is more appropriate for you. More information on The Somerset Fund can be found here.

We’re keen that the support you provide with our money is available and accessible to those who need it the most. That includes groups of people who have in the past not always benefited from our grants. This includes groups led by and for people who are:

How much money can I ask for?

You can ask for £1,000 to £5,000 from our Main Grants. Most grants are for about £3,000.

We have around £300,000 in total to give out this year.

When can I apply?

You can apply for this money at any time, but decisions are made at 4 panel meetings a year. You must apply by the deadlines below for your application to be considered at the next meeting:

The next deadline following this will be Friday 12 April 2024 to be considered at a panel meeting at the end of May 2024.

Who can apply for this money?

You can only apply if you work or volunteer for a group that:

We welcome applications from groups that exist to support people in their local community. We can award money to groups that are not registered charities, but the purpose of the funding must be charitable. This means we can give a grant to:

If you don’t have everything listed above, then Spark Somerset may be able to support you to put them in place. Or you could talk to another group, or your local parish or town council, who could manage a grant application for you.

What can I use this money for?

You can use this money for whatever you want if:

This can include essential running costs, like rent, utilities, insurance, or staff time. You might call these your core costs. You can also use the money for the costs of delivering a project in your community.

Is there anything I can’t use this money for?

We can’t give money to:

We can give money to these types of groups, but only in some cases:

Is my group likely to get some money?

We can only give money to 2 out of every 3 groups that apply.

While we want to support a wide range of groups all over Somerset, some are more likely to be successful than others.

We’re more likely to give you some money if your group:

You can put your group’s postcode into this website to find out more about disadvantages in your area.

This means we’re interested in things like:


If you’re not providing the extra support that just some people need in your community, and are instead trying to bring your whole community together, then please apply to The Somerset Fund.

We prioritise applications that come from smaller organisations with annual running costs of under £500,000, and from organisations that are based in Somerset. This is because we believe larger organisations, and in particular national ones, have a greater capacity and skill for fundraising.  If you are a national organisation that is looking to apply for funding for work in Somerset we recommend you contact us before starting an application. We would expect to see strong evidence of links to the voluntary and/or public sectors in Somerset and would need to understand why you want to work in our county.

Please note that if you have received money from us in the past and not reported back then we are very unlikely to give you another grant.

Do I have to write a report if you give me some money?

You need to spend your grant within 1 year and send us a short report. You need to complete the report online and it will look like the application form. We ask you to tell us how the money was spent, what difference it made, and if you had any problems. We also ask you to send us stories and photos if you can.

How do I apply?

You can apply to our Main Grants programme by filling out an online application form. This takes you to a registration page where you’ll need to enter your email address. The registration page can be reached by clicking on ‘apply here’ at the bottom of this page.

You don’t have to complete the form in one go. Instead, you can complete some sections then click ‘save draft’ at the bottom of the page. Use the link in your email to return to the form at another time.

If you would like to see what you must do before you start filling in the online application form, then this word document includes all the questions.

You also need to attach the following documents alongside your application:

Finally, you must read the terms and conditions and click ‘submit’.

Please contact us if you can’t use the online form, or you are unable to attach any of the documents. We’ll support you to make your application in another way.

Need help?

You are always welcome to call or  the Grant Team on 01749 344949 (option 5) or email the team at

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Click here to apply for funding

Click here to apply for funding

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