South West Youth Training and Employment Support Grants

South West Youth Training and Employment Support Grants

This page contains all the information you need to apply to this fund. At the bottom of the page is a link to an application form. All the information and the questions from the application form can also be downloaded as a .pdf document here.

What are the criteria (or rules) for this fund?

You can only apply if you:

If you meet the above criteria we would like to hear from you, regardless of your background or how well you did at school.

How much money can I get and what can I use it for?

If you meet all these criteria, then you can ask us for up to £500.

This money can be used to pay for the cost of a course, to buy a laptop, tools or clothing, pay for transport costs and so on. These costs must be linked to a recognised educational, employment or training opportunity that you want to start in the next few months. You’ll need to tell us about this opportunity in your application form.

If I’m successful, when will I get the money?

You must apply by 5pm, Wednesday 30 June 2021, and we'll let you know if we can give you a grant by the end of July 2021.

If we can, then it will be paid directly to you by a bank transfer.

You need to spend your grant within 1 year and send us a short report. We’ll tell you more about that if you are successful.

How much is available?

We have up to £10,000 to give out this year. This money comes from a private donor who is working with Somerset Community Foundation.

How do I apply for money? 

You can apply for money by clicking on the button below.

This opens an application form. You must complete the form in one go. It’s not possible to save your progress and return to the form at another time.

You can download a .pdf which includes all the questions you need to answer here, prepare your answers, and then enter them into the form.

At the end of the form, you have the option to attach documents. You can use this to attach proof of Universal Credit, for example. You can request proof of Universal Credit through your journal on your online account or by contacting the benefit office that pays you.

Finally, you must read the terms and conditions and click ‘submit’.

Please contact us if you are unable to use the online form, or can’t attach a document. We can support you to make your application in another way.

Sources of support

The following organisations may be able to help you with information and support around finding training or employment:

What do you do with my application? 

We’ll email you within one week to confirm we have received your application.

A member of our Grants Team will look at your application. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you.

Somerset Community Foundation and our donor will then decide to whom we’ll award grants, taking into consideration:

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with us. It's usually best to email us on but you can also call on 01749 344949. 

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