The David Quinton Trust

In March 2010, David Quinton died and left behind a broken hearted family, friends and colleagues. He was 59 years old. Born and raised into a loving family and later bringing up his own family of three sons, he was appreciated as a kind and gentle man.

David’s home environment was very important to him and he always felt everyone should have a safe and comfortable place to call home. This was brought into focus whilst working away in London where he witnessed many rough sleepers on a regular basis. It drove a desire in him to see everyone around him well fed and in a home of their own.

David appreciated that as well as a physically safe and comfortable home, feeling emotionally and mentally secure was very important. He suffered a period of depression and anxiety which gave him some insight into how feeling anxiety to an unacceptable level can lead to a state of vulnerability.

In short, David understood the importance of having a fundamental level of security in our lives and that this can be a challenge for any of us at any time. His Trust therefore supports charitable projects that help meet the fundamental needs of those experiencing challenging times.

David had a beautiful smile. Supporting others in this way would have produced one of his happiest smiles.

Please support David’s Trust by donating if you can and do bear it in mind for any future fundraising activities.

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