Growing Grants

Apply for money to develop your community food growing space

This is a quick way of applying for up to £5,000.

You can apply for money from here if:

We expect most grants to be between £500 and £1,000. You will need to make a good case for more money than this, for example if your group has more than one site or needs to pay staff to deliver your project.

How long does it take to get the money?

You must apply by 5pm, 26 May 2021.

We'll let you know if we can help you by the end of June 2021

You must spend the money and send us a short report by the end of February 2022. We’ll send you an email about the report nearer the time.

How much money do we have to give out?

We give out money in rounds. We have about £50,000 to give out, and there may be another round in the autumn if it is not all spent in this round.

This comes from the Growing Grants fund, supported by Somerset County Council.

Successful grant applicants will be encouraged to share their experiences with others and to take part in learning and celebratory events together. This will be supported by Somerset Community Food.

What sort of things do we want to give money for?

Community food growing schemes can be a great way to socialise, spend time outside and be active. They can also be a great way of making use of underused green spaces. Being outdoors can improve mental well-being, which will be important following the recent Coronavirus outbreak. The outbreak has also shown us that strong food sharing networks and food security are important for our communities.

That means you might want to ask us for money to:

We’re more likely to give you money if your charity or community group:

Who can apply for money?

You can apply if you work or volunteer for a:

While we can give money to a statutory organisation, like a parish council or a school, we can’t support statutory duties. This means we will not support educational activities for pupils that take place during the school day. We will also not give money for money for school facilities, classroom equipment or to train teachers. We would prefer Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) to ask us for money, rather than schools. You should tell us if your school has a high proportion of pupils accessing Free School Meals.

Your group must have a:

Who can’t apply for money?

We will not give money to:

How do I apply for money?

You can apply for money by clicking on the button below.

You’ll need to provide an email address and then we’ll email you a link to an online form. If you don’t see an email from us after a few minutes, then please check your spam folder.

You don’t have to complete the form in one go. Instead, you can complete some sections then click ‘save draft’ at the bottom of the page. Use the link in your email to return to the form at another time.

You must provide the following information in the form:

You must then answer some questions. To make this easier, you can download this word document which has all the questions listed and some advice for answering them.

You must then attach the following documents:

Finally, you must read the terms and conditions and click ‘submit’.

Please contact us if you can't use the online form or attach any of these documents. We'll support you to make your application in another way.

What do we do with your application?

We’ll email you within one week to confirm that we have received your application. If you don’t hear from us in that time, then please contact us.

A member of our Grants Team will look at your application. If we have a question, then we’ll email you. If preferred, we can arrange a phone call or video call.

The Grants Team will then look at your website and social media, if you have them. We’ll also check with the Charity Commission and Companies House. All this information will then be used to make a recommendation.

Recommendations are considered by our Grants Panel. The Panel will include representatives from Somerset County Council and Somerset Community Food. They’ll consider:

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with us. It's usually best to email us on but you can also call on 01749 344949.

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