Growing Futures Match Funding Challenge

Jan 21, 2016

Through Somerset Community Foundation, donors to organisations helping children with disabilities can achieve an 80% uplift on their gifts.

Match funding is an effective way for organisations to reach their fundraising targets. We have already sourced £20,000 of match funds, which can be used to match a donation to your chosen good cause. Your donation will go further as part of our Match Funding Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A donation of between £1,000 and £5,000 is made to Somerset Community Foundation.
  2. We match that donation by 80% and make a grant to your chosen cause.
  3. So, for example, a donation of £2,500 is turned into £4,500!

The Growing Futures Match Funding Challenge can only support organisations that meet the needs of disabled children in Somerset. Through our work we know of many well governed, high impact organisations that you can choose from, or you can choose an organisation already known to you.

This is the latest in a long line of grant opportunities that Somerset Community Foundation has made available to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and their families. With our funding, grant applicants have supported children like Jenny.

Jenny left local authority care needing a new direction in life. She decided that her first step would be to take part in a charity bike ride in aid of one of the organisations that had supported her. There was just one problem: she didn’t have a bike. Jenny applied to Somerset Community Foundation to make her trip a reality.

 “That bike changed my life. I was the youngest rider to take part, and that gave me an enormous confidence boost. But the other adults on the trip talked to me as an equal and I felt I had finally grown up. When I got back I felt I was able to find my footing in an adult world. It was from there that my working life really took off. After my first job in a mental health aftercare home, I worked with teenagers and adults with disabilities. Later, I did an access course and got my degree. Now my career has come full circle as I am now supporting other young people leaving care”.

The Growing Futures Match Funding Challenge is open for enquiries and closes on 31 May 2016. Please contact Justin Sargent at for an initial discussion.

We also welcome enquiries from organisations working with disabled children that have identified a new, lapsed or existing donor who may be interested in matching their giving. Potential applicants to the fund are invited to contact Andrew Ridgewell at

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