We're Eco receive their new van, thanks to a loan from the Somerset Social Enterprise Fund

May 27, 2016

Somerset Community Foundation strongly believes in supporting people who are offering innovative solutions to help make the county a vibrant and inclusive place to live. In partnership with Somerset County Council we launched the Somerset Social Enterprise Fund (SSEF) in late 2014 to deliver investment to local social enterprises and charities that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to our communities through trading. Taunton Athletic Club were the first local enterprise to benefit from a loan from the SSEF in October of 201, recieving £25,000 to complete construction of the clubhouse and other facilities.

We're Eco, a social enterprise based near Taunton, are now the latest recipients of a loan from the SSEF which has enabled them to purchase a van to collect waste wood from building sites. Using a team of paid staff and volunteers, We're Eco process the wood and use it to build furniture and gifts or sell it back to be used for building and DIY projects.

Volunteers are often referred to We're Eco by local organisations (Taunton Association for the Homeless, for example) and may be long term unemployed, suffering from substance abuse or have learning disabilities.The relaxed but productive environment at We’re Eco has proved very successful in increasing the confidence and skills base of the volunteers, and they take away skills attractive to many local employers. 

To find out more about the Somerset Social Enterprise Fund you can click here to read our online information, or call Justin Sargent on 01749 344949. 


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