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Street Men's Shed Opens its Doors

Jun 28, 2017

Since 2015 Somerset Community Foundation have supported Men's Sheds projects in Yeovil, Burrowbridge and Wincanton, and now in Street.

Built entirely of Argos catalogues, Street Men's Shed recently opened its doors to any prospective 'shedders' and can be found at The Red Brick Building, a community-owned social enterprise, based at the former Morlands Factory between Glastonbury and Street. 

While generally aimed at men over 55, both men and women of all ages can enjoy the benefits of the Men’s Sheds, which are usually built and managed by the users themselves, and are places where members can learn and share interests, skills and new hobbies. In doing so, shedders are less likely to feel lonely or isolated and can benefit from significant health benefits.  

There has been long-standing concern about men’s reluctance to engage in traditional approaches to health and well-being support, and the importance of participation in meaningful activity has been identified as one of the key determinants of health and well-being in later life

With loneliness strongly linked to physical and mental health illness, Men’s Sheds offer a good solution based on skill-sharing and informal learning, individual pursuits, community projects and social interaction. 

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