Somerset duo are driving to West Africa to raise money for SCF and local groups

Jun 26, 2015

When their wife’s rather old car spectacularly  fails its MOT, most people take it to the scrapyard and spend a nice relaxing Christmas with the family.

Two local men, Mark Knight & Lee Wright have taken a slightly different path. The duo, who are calling themselves Team Lowland Rats, have decided to leave the family at home and will spend this coming Christmas taking a 7000km drive from Somerset in England to Timbuktu in Mali. Why, you ask? All in the name of charity, of course!

Driving through African countries that the foreign office warn against travellling to, with the challenge of nursing the MOT failure banger that most people would not drive to the local supermarket, the Lowland Rats hope to raise money for Somerset Community Foundation and several local charities close their hearts. (Full details of those groups will follow!).

The trip is likely to take 3 weeks, providing the team don’t get kidnapped, killed or eaten by wild animals! At present, the route will take the team through France, Spain, Morrocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali and Senegal. The finishing point is likely to be slightly short of Timbuktu in Djenne, Mali, as there are currently significant security concerns in the Timbuktu area. 

We will be keeping you updated with plans for the trip as well as reports once the Rats are en route to Timbuktu! Check out their JustGiving page here for more information and to sponsor the team. All money raised is going to charity as the men are funding the trip themselves.  

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