SCF and Crispin School celebrate another successful year of Raising Aspirations

Jul 15, 2015

Pupils and teachers from Crispin School in Street held a tea party this month to thank the mentors who have supported and guided them in the Raising Aspirations programme this past academic year. Over tea and cake they chatted about progress made and confidence gained, before speeches and performances from some of those involved in the scheme.

The speeches painted a clear picture of the positive impact the mentoring has had, and continues to have, on both the young perople and their mentors:    

One student said "I used to care so much what people thought of me that I would take time off sick from school as I was so worried. Mentoring has given me so much confidence, encouraged me to put myself forward for things and try things I've never done before"

Another said "My mentor comes all the way from Bristol - he works hard, is getting married and I know he is really busy. But he is amazing - I know his support is only a call away. He's been a guiding light in my deepest darkest times"

The final student to speak said "Mentoring has been a life changing experience. It has moulded us into confident people. Thank you". 

A long-standing mentor who has been involved with Raising Aspirations since its inception then spoke of the privilidge of being able to watch the young people grow up, learn and develop through the scheme. 

Rasising Aspirations is being rolled out to two new schools, Taunton Academy and Court Field's School, and Raising Aspirations Recrutiment Manager Jenny Perez is on the hunt for volunteer mentors from the Taunton and Wellington areas.

Please do drop her a line if you would like to find out more: email or  call 01749 344 949. It isn’t too late to show your interest in being part of this successful mentoring programme. 

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