Sing for Somerset 2018

December 18, 2018

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came to Sing for Somerset in Wells Cathedral on Saturday night – we were delighted to see a record-breaking congregation attend the service this year.

The congregation was treated to a wonderfully festive selection of traditional and contemporary carols, interspersed with readings telling the nativity story, delivered by representatives from groups we have funded across the year.

The music was delivered masterfully by the Mid-Somerset Orchestra and the Somerset Voices choir, under the guidance of conductor and Musical Director, Laurence Blyth. 

Following our carol service we caught up with Wells Cathedral Virger, Kieron Rowley to ask him a few questions…

Q. What made you decide to become a Virger?

I became a Virger during my time at university. I was studying theology and wished to work within the church after finishing my studies. The Cathedral at Chester asked the Department of Theology if any students would consider being Virgers and I jumped at the chance. I have been a Virger ever since…


Q. How long have you been a Virger at Wells Cathedral?

This January [2019] marks two years since I came to Virge at Wells Cathedral and reside on Vicars Close.


Q. How many carol services do you Virge every year?

During December the Cathedral plays host to over 25 carol services from schools and groups all over Somerset and I Virge many of them. 


Q. Describe your perfect Christmas day?

My perfect Christmas Day starts quietly. In the morning, I enjoy a cup of tea, followed by morning Sung Eucharist at the Cathedral. Then I return home to finish preparations for dinner before the family arrive. The rest of the day is spent sharing great home-cooked food, opening gifts, and enjoying a glass of wine or two with my family and friends. However, no matter how delicious the dinner (and I cook a mean roast, if I do say so myself!) my brother and I still look forward to the post-dinner cheese board and port the most. This year the cheese board is extra special as it has been put together by the lovely folks at Queen Street Deli in Wells – and we both can’t wait to tuck in!


Q. Finally, what makes Sing for Somerset so special for you?

Sing for Somerset is special because it draws people from all across our great county to the Queen of English Cathedrals to praise God and celebrate the joy of Christmas.  It is a joyous occasion that fills the Cathedral to the brim with happy people, excited for the coming festivities. Sing for Somerset also raises money for, and awareness of, the good work that Somerset Community Foundation delivers, during this season of giving!

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