Charity Trustees

Local, independent charitable trusts are important community assets, providing financial resources when and where they are most needed. There are times when such trusts might need a helping hand either with finding the right causes to support or the administration and governance of the charity. In such cases Somerset Community Foundation may be able to help.

Read more about the Charity Commission's endorsement of transfering funds to community foundations. 

We can either work in partnership with trustees of active trusts to help them achieve their goals or work with trustees to transfer trusts into our endowment as a ring-fenced “named fund”, usually retaining the original purpose of the fund. In such cases trustees may choose to remain actively involved in the grant-making process. 

The following trusts have either transferred to Somerset Community Foundation or work in partnership with us:

Bonham Christie Trust
Eagle House Trust
Exmoor Community Trust
Field House Trust
King James Exhibition
Millenium Fund
Norah Cooke Hurle Trust
People’s Health Trust
Sir John Wills Memorial Fund
Somerset Masonic Charities
Somerset Trust for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
TS5C Fund
WCS Pickford Trust
West Somerset Relief Fund

For more information, please read our Gift Acceptance Policy and contact Justin Sargent on 01749 344949.

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