Corporate Giving

We partner with Somerset-based businesses to help them achieve their charitable and corporate social responsibility goals.

Businesses are becoming increasingly socially responsible. We see many examples of companies in Somerset seeking to support their local community, but often other demands on their time mean they can struggle to respond to all the approaches they receive from local charities. Running their charitable corporate giving through a Community Foundation is a great way for companies to ensure that their good intentions are delivering real impact and helping those most in need.

Named Funds

Some companies choose to set up a Corporate Fund, a ring-fenced fund created to benefit causes and themes important to your organisation. You can choose to restrict your gifts to a geographical area, for example near your company offices, or to particular charitable activities, such as developing the skills of young people. SCF will promote and seek applications that meet your required criteria. Read more about setting up a named fund here

Payroll Giving

Registering your company for payroll giving provides your employees with a convenient and tax-efficient way to make small contributions through their gross salary, on a regular basis. As an employer you can deduct the specified amount before tax. This has been shown to have a very positive effect on employee engagement, and demonstrates that your company is committed to supporting its staff and the local community.

No matter the size of the company we can help make your corporate philanthropy more effective and impactful. If you have questions about how your company can support our work, please call Laura Blake on 01749 344949 or email          

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