Rebecca’s Hope

Rebecca was generous and kind. She always put others first, before herself. She stood up for those who she felt were being treated unfairly. Friends would often confide in Rebecca about their problems and she was happy to support them. Her family meant everything to her; family were not only family, but also her best friends.

An early sign of Rebecca showing compassion for those less fortunate than herself can be seen at the age of 10, when she and her younger brother organised a sale of toys and books in the front garden. The proceeds were split between a local soup run and a night shelter for the homeless.

A picture of Rebecca

Rebecca Everson

In line with Rebecca’s desire to help others, she wanted to train to become a nurse. She had been keen to become a nurse since she was a little girl. She started her nurse’s training in Nottingham, but during her time there she began to develop mental health problems.

She later worked as an Activities Co-ordinator in Swansea and then Bath, organising activities for residents in old people’s homes. This is something she loved.

Rebecca was always considerate towards others. She regularly bought a sandwich and a drink from a supermarket to give to a person in need, who was sitting outside the shop. She would hunt in her purse for money to give to a homeless person and this would help contribute towards their stay at the night shelter.

Rebecca sought help with her health, but all too often she was on a long NHS waiting list. Her life was tragically cut short at the age of 37 years. Rebecca died unexpectedly in April 2022, from a heart condition.

Charities can make a difference to the time that people have to wait before they receive the therapy or treatment that will help them, but they need the funding.

Rebecca’s Hope aims to raise funds and give hope to young people that they will receive the support they need without having to wait months for support. We believe that mental health support in schools is vital to try to identify any problems at an early age and to endeavour to address them before they become more serious. Rebecca’s Hope also aims to support young adults who need counselling, to help them take positive steps with their mental health and to live fulfilling lives.

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