Somerset Cost-of-Living Fund

This grant programme is now closed. Funding is no longer available, and this grant programme will not be reopening.


Somerset charities, community groups and social enterprises told us in October 2022 that:

This fund is to help groups that are experiencing these challenges and is supported by funds raised by our Somerset Cost-of-Living Crisis Appeal.


What can I use this money for?

You can only use this money to help reduce the additional financial impacts of the cost-of-living crisis on your organisation. This may be a combination of the following:

You can use this money towards the costs you have between September 2023 and March 2024.


How much money can I ask for?

We are still raising money for this fund but expect to make at least £150,000 available.

You can ask us for between £1,000 and £10,000 but we expect the average grant to be about £5,000.


When can I apply?

Funding is no longer available, and this grant programme will not be reopening.


Who can apply for this money?

You can only apply if you work or volunteer for a group that:

We welcome applications from groups that exist to support people in their local community. We can award money to groups that are not registered charities, but the purpose of the funding must be charitable. This means we can usually give a grant to:

Please note that you can still apply for this money if you were awarded a grant from our Warm Spaces Fund. This was our first response to the cost-of-living crisis, and was offered while this larger fund was being prepared. If you did have a grant from the Warm Spaces Fund then you must explain how this request is to meet additional costs.

If you’re not sure if your group can apply, then talk to us first. And if you’re not sure about things like governing documents, accounts and safeguarding then we suggest you first speak to one of the following before applying:


Is there anything I can’t use this money for?

We can’t give money to:


How likely is it that my group will get some money?

We expect demand for this money will be high, and we know we’ll be unable to support everyone that applies.

As a guide, we think we will only be able to give money to 5 out of every 10 groups that apply.

We’re more likely to give you some money if your group:


When will I find out whether my group has been successful? 

Applications will be considered by a Panel in August 2023 and we will let you know if your application has been successful or not by the end of August.


If I’m successful, what reporting will be needed?

You need to spend your grant between September 2023 and March 2024 and send us a short report. You need to complete the report online and the form you’re required to fill in will look similar to our application form. We ask you to tell us how the money was spent, the difference it made, and if you had any problems. We also ask you to send us stories and photos if you can.


How do I apply?

When this grant programme is open, you can apply to this fund by filling out an online application form via the button below. This takes you to a registration page where you’ll need to enter your email address.

You don’t have to complete the form in one go. Instead, you can complete some sections then click ‘save draft’ at the bottom of the page. You can then use the link in your email to return to the form at another time.

You also need to attach the following documents alongside your application:

Apart from the bank statement, you don’t need to provide the above documents if you have sent them to us within the past 6 months, unless they have been amended during that time.

Finally, you must read the terms and conditions and click ‘submit’.

Please contact us if you can’t use the online form, or you are unable to attach any of the documents. We’ll support you to make your application in another way.


Need help?

You are always welcome to call or email Kirsty, Sean or Jess in the Grants Team if you have a question, or if you are not sure this is the right place to apply for money.

Call us on 01749 344949 or email the team at


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